C R E A T I N G   C O M M U N I T Y

Sympoetica :: sim-poh-et-i-kuh

Visualization Expert

Master Planner / Designer / Illustrator

Focused creativity informed by decades of experience in community design and development.

Unmatched graphic & illustration capability as key part of the design process.

Drawings convey early design concepts energetically and effectively like no other medium. They visualize the big picture as well as the key focal elements of a community plan. 

Imagine taking flight over the neighborhood,

strolling down the street, experiencing special places... 

Sympoetica Community Design & Planning

Sympoetica Corridor Design & Planning

Development Strategies

Sympoetica was established in 1986 as Strategic Land Planning, Inc.  In 2001, we changed our name to Sympoetica, a name that reflects our collaborative approach to community planning.

Founders Barry Carpenter, Principal Community Designer, and Phoebe Kilby, Principal Community Planner, began the practice in Alexandria, Virginia.  In 1994, we moved to the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, where we continue to serve clients throughout the United States and abroad.

Principal Master Planner

Barry Carpenter / Profile

Founder and President of Sympoetica.

Forty years of award-winning master planning and design experience in community and urban design, land development planning, and park planning projects.

Extensive expertise working within today's complex public approval arena on community development projects, including mixed-use projects, revitalization efforts and community master plans.  

Served as member of Urban Land Institute (ULI) Advisory Panels for mixed-use projects nationally and the Smart Growth Alliance project recognition jury for the Washington, DC region. Innovative work on Transit-Oriented Development has been published in Urban Land and Landscape Architecture magazines.

Specialties include preparation of master plans and design guidelines for traditional neighborhood developments (TNDs), downtowns, and urban, historic and rural corridors. Holds Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree from North Carolina State University with a focus in community design.