C R E A T I N G   C O M M U N I T Y

Creating Community Together

Sympoetica brings people together to create the communities they desire, while promoting a respect for nature, beauty, and history. We developed Sympoetica as a concept to describe what we strive to do as a firm and as individuals.  A created word, it shares the same root as the word poetry, poiesis, which means "making or creating."  Sym means "together."  Sympoetica promotes the creating together of community.  Our practice focuses on community planning and design, making places where people want to live, work, and enjoy life. Healthy communities are successful not only economically, but also when they respect natural and cultural heritage, manage resources carefully, and protect and inspire beautiful places.  So, reflected in our community planning are principles of environmental planning, natural and scenic resource management, historic preservation, recreation planning and design guidelines development. Our collaborative (sympoetic) approach ensures that members of the community are truly involved in every planning effort.

Principles of the Sympoetic Community

The impetus for changing our name to Sympoetica was our development of a new concept for creating successful human communities, communities that are patterned after nature.  Sympoetic communities use networks of interrelationships to solve problems and adapt to change just as nature's networks do.  The sympoetic community:

  • Encourages civic engagement
  • Strives to balance individual and community needs
  • Embraces the diversity of life
  • Recognizes the web of connections between humans and nature
  • Fosters a healthy economy
  • Honors natural and cultural heritage
  • Values beauty and creativity

  • To learn more about sympoetic communities, please click this link to download Phoebe Kilby's white paper on the concept.